Caesar Guerini Invictus I Impact Trap

Caesar Guerini Invictus I Impact Trap

A number of years ago we engaged in a study to determine if there was a technical solution for significantly increasing the long term durability of an over-and-under action; more specifically, the problem of an “off face” condition which is created by the barrel and action wearing to the point that there is an unsafe gap between the two. This condition typically spelled the end of a shotgun’s useful wear life. Caesar Guerini’s Invictus action is the first double gun to ever overcome this issue. Due to the modularity of the Invictus system the life span has been increased between 200 and 300% over the typical double gun. We feel this is a quantum leap forward in the evolution of over-and-under shotgun

In our ongoing pursuit to make the best Target shotgun possible, Caesar Guerini has created the Invictus. Featuring the greatest advancement in over-under durability in many years – the Invictus System. This revolutionary new system completely changes the way the barrel and action lock together when the gun is closed, making the whole system stronger. Additionally, all locking surfaces are now modular, creating a gun that is many times more durable than a traditional over-and-under shotguns. For the first time you can measure the life span of your shotgun not by how long you can shoot it, but how long your children and grandchildren can. Unfortunately, we might have to consider updating that Lifetime guarantee.


We had the very ambitious project to create a new approach between shooter and firearm. We wanted to offer trap and sporting shooters, who are generally traditional and reluctant to change their shooting habits, the possibility to fully customize their shotguns. • These ribs have been studied and engineered for our Trap and Sporting shotguns in both 12ga and 20ga. The minimum possible height of 17mm of the top rib makes it possible for the shooter to feel the same way he would feel with a traditional rib while shooting. In other words there is no doubt that shooting a gun built with the “Impact” technology offers a big advantage especially in those sporting disciplines where only traditional shotguns have been used so far.

They allow 80% regulation of the point of impact.

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