Geco kogelpatronen

Geco offers quality and price-conscious hunters five bullet lines to ensure that they have access to the most suitable rounds for their needs, thus opening the doors to the world hunting and guaranteeing the best possible hunting experience. Impressive accuracy and balanced terminal ballistic performance are inherent features of the brand, as are ensuring the highest levels of quality and providing reliable solutions. 

The new GECO EXPRESS gives a flat trajectory, a high bullet velocity and a fast energy transfer – all combined in a unique new GECO design. The streamlined bullet shape combined with the new GECO EXPRESS Tip allows for extremely precise long distance shots without correction of the aiming point. The jacket design allows high bullet velocities which are maintained right to the target and give an extremely high energy yield resulting in clean kills.

The new GECO PLUS is a precise projectile designed using the latest technology. The GECO bonding technique is characterised by the extremely strong solder joint between the projectile core and jacket. As a result of this the GECO PLUS mushrooms with minimum fragmentation and has excellent penetration even in heavy game or if striking bone. The breaking points visible on the jacket control the deformation and ensure the bullets effectiveness.

GECO SOFTPOINT is universally applicable and able to cope with almost any hunting situation.

GECO STAR is a lead-free deformation bullet designed for maximum penetration and a high residual weight

GECO ZERO is a highly effective and accurate, lead-free bullet for all types of game

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