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Briley Chokes - Invector +

Extend your shooting abilities. These tubes are longer for a number of reasons. First, better patterning. Second, you can insert or remove them quickly with your fingers if necessary.  Invector-Plus extended tubes are constructed of highly polished, 17-4 stainless steel for the ultimate in performance and durability. They are available in constrictions ranging from Skeet to Full

  • INVECTOR+ Briley Extended
    • 1132233    INVECTOR PLUS 12 GA BRILEY X2, LM
    • 1132253    INVECTOR PLUS 12 GA BRILEY X2, F
    • 1132263    INVECTOR PLUS 12 GA BRILEY X2, IM
    • 1132273    INVECTOR PLUS 12 GA BRILEY X2, MOD
    • ...
    • 1133153    INVECTOR+ TITAN 12 GA  F (1/1)
    • 1133163    INVECTOR+ TITAN 12 GA  IM (3/4)
    • 1133173    INVECTOR+ TITAN 12 GA  M (1/2)

Gemini chokes ... Simply the best choke tubes for hunting and shooting

1.200 (!!) verschillende soorten chokes van caliber 12 tot 36

Kies de choke voor sportschieten of jagen die het beste bij jou past en wij zorgen voor de rest ...

Leveringstermijn +/- 5 werkdagen, minimum bestelling 3 stuks

*** Browning Invector Plus op VOORRAAD ***


Kicks Ind. Smoke Choke


From sporting clays & skeet to trap & five stand, our smoke competition chokes give you what you need to maximize your potential. As competitive shooting has grown in popularity, more and more shooters are looking for the best patterns possible.

Finished in brushed stainless steel, smoke chokes have a distinctive look while delivering superior results.

Smoke the competition with kick's

Smoke chokes are precision machined to high tolerance standards on computer controlled equipment. we use 17-4 ph grade stainless steel in order to produce the best quality shotgun chokes on the market today. Smoke features a unique conical/parallel internal design and our exclusive outward angled diagonal ports. These features improve pattern density by up to 20%.

The extended ported section also makes follow up shots faster and more accurate by reducing recoil and muzzle jump.

  • Browning Inv.+
  • Browning Inv. DS
  • Caesar Guerinni 
  • Fabarm

Teague Precision Chokes

Now every sportsman can benefit from the precision of TEAGUE award-winning shotgun chokes

Leveringstermijn +/- 5 werkdagen, minimum bestelling 3 stuks.


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