Clever - Mirage Hydro Soluble

Clever - Mirage Hydro Soluble - Limited Edition

The Clever Water Soluble wad, besides being non-toxic, is the only one able to dissolve in only 2 days, thus guaranteeing respect for the environment: with deeds and not only with words. Thanks to its innovative material, Clever Water Soluble dissolves completely on contact with water, leaving no toxic or visual residue.


Cheditte Drago Steel 24

Cheditte Drago Steel

  • ​cal.12
  • hagel nr. 6

*** vanaf eind augustus opnieuw beschikbaar ***


Gamebore White Gold

Gamebore White Gold - 24 gram hagel 6 of 7

White Gold Pro Steel has a muzzle velocity of 1400 feet per second, and provides the shooter with a high quality competition load for grounds where the use of Lead shot is prohibited. UK SPEC*** CIP

*** opnieuw beperkt beschikbaar Q1/2022 ***


Fiocchi F Steel 28 gram

Fiocchi F Steel 

Fiocchi F Steel 24 gram

Fiocchi F Steel 

Diamsteel Plus

Diamsteel plus 

  • cal. 12/70
  • 24 gram hagel n°6 & n°7
  • 20mm koper - T4

Acier 19 - cal.28

Mary Arm - Acier 19

*** staalhagelpatroon in cal. 28 ***

  • cal. 28/70
  • V2,5: 405 m/s
  • Beschikbaar in hagel n°7 (20 gram). 


Mary Arm - Discrete

  • cal. 12/70
  • V2,5: 420 m/s
  • hagel  n°7 (21 gram). 

Voor meer info zie Mary Arm Website


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