Norma V-Max

V-MAX is a so called varmint bullet, which means it is designed to expand very quickly. Its retained weight is minimal. V-MAX is developed for varmint, but works well for target shooting also, thanks to its excellent accuracy. The plastic tip improves ballistics and speeds up the expansion even more.

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Brenneke jachtmunitie

Brenneke® staat al decennia lang garant voor zeer kwalitatieve projectielen voor de jacht. 

Waar de Brenneke TIG (Torpedo Ideal Geschoss) & TUG (Torpedo Universal Geschoss) hoofdzakelijk bekend was van de RWS concullega's is het minder bekend dat Brenneke zelf ook een producent van jachtmunitie is.

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Geco kogelpatronen

The new GECO PLUS is a precise projectile designed using the latest technology. The GECO bonding technique is characterised by the extremely strong solder joint between the projectile core and jacket. As a result of this the GECO PLUS mushrooms with minimum fragmentation and has excellent penetration even in heavy game or if striking bone. The breaking points visible on the jacket control the deformation and ensure the bullets effectiveness.