.22 LR

ELEY sport

ELEY sport introduces shooters to the world of ELEY’s consistency and accuracy.

Manufactured to ELEY’s strict internal specification, ELEY sport benefits from electronic visual inspection and rigorous test proofing. Small lot quantities and statistical process control techniques deliver reliability and performance in every round.


Winchester M22 **promo**

Winchester M22 -  ** promo **

The M-22 round is a realistic tactical training load, ideal for practice, plinking and target shooting. The black, copper-plated round nose bullet is highly accurate and sure functioning in high-capacity magazines. The bullet is also plated or reduced fouling and enhanced functioning. Loaded with a clean burning powder, the round assures consistent chamber pressure.


Federal RTP

Federal Range Target Practice ** new **

  • 40 grs Copper Plated Lead Round Nose
  • 1240 fps
  • perfect alternatief voor CCI Minimag

CCI AR Tactical

CCI AR Tactical

  • Speciaal ontwikkelde .22 patroon voor AR-style semi-automaten.
  • Uitstekende precisie in S&W 15/22 (fabriekstesten 1,5 MOA op 100m)
  • Verpakt in per 300stuks