Sabatti Tactical Evo

Sabatti Tactical Evo - new - .223 Rem (beschikbaar) & .308 WIN & 6,5 Creedmoor

The Tactical EVO bolt action rifle is not just a restyling operation of the Tactical Syn model but a completely new weapon born of two years of research and development.

The weapon has been designed for all those uses that involve durability and precision. Sabatti has therefore decided to offer its public a technologically advanced rifle that brings together parts that are now characteristic of Sabatti weapons, such as MRR barrel.

The action is completely new and was designed by the team to increase performance, field tests have shown that efforts have made it possible to achieve excellent results.

The new ACTION mounted on the Tactical EVO bolt action rifle. The stock is new. Also new is the robust bolt with 3 locking lugs, with a fast 60 ° opening and a handle with an interchangeable knob thanks to the 5/16 ”thread. The quality of the finishing of the surfaces in contact ensures a level of smoothness and quietness of operation that finds few comparisons in other realizations on the market. The rifle also uses a new extractor made of 17-4PH steel, with a secure support at the case bottom, preventing breakage even when the bottom expands under very high pressures.

But what differentiates the new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle from all the others on the market is the way in which the action is coupled with the stock, completely floating above the stock, "suspended" by means of two supports that eliminate tension, improving the accuracy of the shot. That of the new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is one of the best shooting actions on the market.

The new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is equipped with a 28mm diameter cylindrical barrel and a 3 stage match trigger. The rifling of the barrel on the bolt action rifle is the Sabatti Multiradiale "MRR", already universally known for the performance it is able to provide.

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