.22 LR

Winchester M22 **promo**

Winchester M22 -  ** promo **

The M-22 round is a realistic tactical training load, ideal for practice, plinking and target shooting. The black, copper-plated round nose bullet is highly accurate and sure functioning in high-capacity magazines. The bullet is also plated or reduced fouling and enhanced functioning. Loaded with a clean burning powder, the round assures consistent chamber pressure.


Federal RTP

Federal Range Target Practice ** new **

  • 40 grs Copper Plated Lead Round Nose
  • 1240 fps
  • perfect alternatief voor CCI Minimag

CCI AR Tactical

CCI AR Tactical

  • Speciaal ontwikkelde .22 patroon voor AR-style semi-automaten.
  • Uitstekende precisie in S&W 15/22 (fabriekstesten 1,5 MOA op 100m)
  • Verpakt in per 300stuks