RWS Target Elite

RWS Target Elite - 168 grs

The RWS TARGET ELITE stands for match quality "Made in Germany". Components of top quality are joined together in a high-class match cartridge by means of a well-proven manufacturing technique. With weights of 10.9 (168gr) and 12.3 (189gr) grams, the range of bullets in the universal match calibre .308 Win. covers all common barrel twists and application distances within the field of match shooting. The TARGET ELITE line offers universal products for competition and training for shooters with high requirements on accuracy and reliability.
Target Elite is an extremely precise match bullet with a torpedo-base design. The small hollow point and a projectile form that has been optimized for its external ballistics ensure completely stable trajectories and maximum accuracy. Target Elite is intended to be used exclusively for target shooting, since the necessary controlled expansion cannot be expected if it is used for hunting.

  • Top quality “Made in Germany”
  • Precision at match level
  • For match disciplines at ranges up to 300 m
  • Loading according to well-proven manufacturing methods on the basis of the “single step loading technology”
  • RWS cartridge cases of the usual high quality and well-proven HPBT match bullets
  • Adjustment of the bullet weights to a wide range of barrel twists


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