SchleTek Gun Care

SchleTek Gun Care - Only The best for your Weapon

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    • PTFE & Ceramic High-Tech gun spray cleaner. 2 in 1 Gun Tuning is a high quality PTFE and Ceramic spray cleaner. Applicable on fire arms, air guns and knives.
      High temperature resistance from -40° C to +750° C.
    • Cleans thoroughly, streak-free and dries quickly.Leaves light film behind causing the water to pearl off.
      Optic Cleaner is a high quality foam cleaner that sticks well to the surface. It cleans without streaks, it is not aggressive for plastics and bondings and it dries quickly.
    • Gun Cleaner cleans and degreases virtually any material or dirty surface such as metal, wood, plastic, rubber, neoprene, leather, varnished and sealed surfaces. Gun Cleaner cleans grease, oil, wax, blood, insects and dust.
      • Economical and efficient
      • Removes gunpowder residue, oils and greases
      • Gunpowder / black powder
      • Quickly soluble
      • Contains no chlorine and is rapidly biodegradable
        Pleasant scent and not aggressive
      • Adjustable spray nozzle for squirting or spraying
  • Bore Cleaner
    • An acid & ammonia-free barrel cleaner with a 4-beam probe
      Bore-Cleaner comprises of several high quality cleaning agents and complexes, especially developed to clean barrels. Bore-Cleaner penetrates and removes dirt such as: Tombac, copper, zinc, gunpowder residue, lead and oil. Acid & ammonia-free.
  • Gun-Polish-Box
    • Cleaning and polishing agent for all metal surfaces. Dirt and debris such as rust can easily be removed. Due to the high performance ingredients Gun-Rust-Ex cleans excellently.With Gun-Polish you will get your metal polished to a shine.

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